Our Specialty:

Working with contractors or homeowners that are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or adding an addition. We realize that you do not have a second kitchen, and many times it could be your primary bathroom. So we schedule very closely to make sure your project stays on its time table. If you pick a date that you will be ready for the drywall and finishing we will schedule that date with you, and then confirm and re-confirm it so we are available as needed.

In most one room cases we can deliver the drywall, install it, and finish tape all in one day. Then we leave a fan running to remove the moisture from the fast setting compounds we have used. We return the next morning and vacuum sand and finalize. It is common for our service to take your project from bare studs to paint ready in 26 hours from when we first arrive to begin.

Small jobs welcomed:

Holes in your walls and ceilings can happen for so many reasons. Some we have seen include water damage, shelves or pictures falling off the walls, kids rough-housing, personal attempts at fixing an problem, lights or switches being added/removed/relocated, other contractors having to probe inside the framing cavities, workers or branches coming through the roof, even honey bees nesting and eating their way through the drywall in attics. Maybe you decided to remove a closet or wall, or even add some.

Aging in place is a new trend of older folks staying in the family home and remodeling for their current needs. Perhaps you or a loved one is planning some renovation for this? You will need a very skilled and experienced drywall finisher to make those changes blend seamlessly into the surrounding areas.

Perhaps you are deciding to finish part of your basement or the room over your garage, adding a downstairs bedroom suite, and addition. We love all of these projects.

Some other things we do:

• Drywall of complete new homes and small commercial spaces
• Decorative wall finishes
• Round walls or ceilings
• Domes
• Level 5 finishing or skim coating